Our Stores

Find it at Merle Hay Mall: With over 70 stores and restaurants, Merle Hay Mall offers many great ways to shop, have fun and explore.



Ace’s Barber Shop

Location: 1215

Angelica’s Design

Location: 208 & 210


Location: 3900

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels

Location: 500A

Banter by Piercing Pagoda

Location: 601

Bath and Body Works

Location: 1239

Brow Beauty

Location: 300A

California/Merle Hay Nails

Location: 325

Claire’s Boutique

Location: 416


Location: 960

Dink’s Pickleball

Location: 1000

Drake University Head Start

Location: 323

Dwarven Workshop

Location: 308

Enchanted Beauty

Location: 216

EXPO Piercing & Ink

Location: 918

Five Below

Location: 525

Five Guys Burger & Fries

Location: 501

Flix Brewhouse

Location: 1300

Future Nightmares

Location: 1251

GameDay Bowling Lanes

Location: 505 Lower Level

GameDay Sports Bar & Arcade

Location: 1220

H&R Block

Location: 206

Hiking Dog

Location: 1235A

Hot Topic

Location: 910

I-Talk & Repair

Location: K5


Location: 702

Iowa Custom T-Shirts & Hats

Location: 300

I Scream Treats & More

Location: 412

Jay’s CD & Hobby

Location: 303


Location: 308

Just Paws Gourmet

Location: 906

Kids Empire

Location: 950


Location: 406

Love Vegas Lingerie Boutique

Location: 215

Lowery’s Designers’ Fashions

Location: 306

Maid Rite (Local East Food Court)

Location: 988

Merle Hay Mall Business Office

Location: 101

Ratts Underground Records

Location: 420

Riddle’s Jewelry

Location: 500

RockTop Boxing

Location: 1245

Shoe Carnival

Location: 503

SmashRoom Iowa

Location: 932

SplatterRoom Iowa

Location: 940


Location: 3830

Tamale’s Industry- Local Eats Food Court

Location: 986

The Dark Slide

Location: 900


Location: 310

Ulta Beauty

Location: 508

Vietnam Café- Local Eats Food Court

Location: 984

Warhammer Games Workshop

Location: 1235B

White Rabbit Virtual Realty Arcade

Location: 912

Wolfram RC

Location: 1243